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Emergency Assistance

Veteran/applicant must meet all of the following eligibility criteria to qualify for emergency assistance.

  1. The veteran/applicant must have been a legal resident of Benton County, Iowa for at least 30 days. The Department may verify residency with a current driver’s license, lease, utility bill, voter registration card, or another official document that proves residency.
  2. The veteran must have received an Honorable Discharge or General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions. If the veteran has more than one military discharge, all discharges must meet this requirement.
  3. The veteran must meet the definition of “Veteran” as provided in Iowa Code Section 35.1, and must have served at least 90 consecutive days of active duty beyond training, or have a VA recognized service-connected disability.
  4.  The applicant must be a veteran, or a veteran’s spouse/surviving spouse, dependent child, including a stepchild or adopted child, under age 18, or another legal dependent. 
  5. The applicant must have an emergent need that cannot be met by other means and is not due to their own financial misconduct.
  6. The applicant must provide proof of an unexpected expense that caused a financial hardship.
  7. The applicant’s household income shall not exceed 300% of the federal poverty guidelines and asset limitations as established below.

Financial Eligibility Amount Calculation

  1. Emergency Assistance is not intended to supplement the veteran’s/applicant’s income.
  2. Department staff will determine eligibility from the following:
    1. Income versus expenses
    2. Lost or projected income
    3. Total amount of an unexpected expense(s)
  3. Combined Asset Limitations and Exemptions

Savings/Checking/Asset Accounts $2,000.00

Savings/Checking/Asset Accounts $4,000.00

Home of residence, life insurance policies, qualified retirement accounts, up to two (2) vehicles per family.

Emergency Assistance Application

Emergency Assistance Guidelines