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County Attorney Payment Plans

The Benton County Attorney's Office offers payment plans to assist you in payment of delinquent fines.

Participation in a payment plan with the County Attorney's Office may allow you to obtain your driver's license back, register your vehicles, and/or renew your license plates.

For Tags/Registration, you will need a letter from our office, as long as you owe the State of Iowa money. You must be current on your payments for us to issue this letter. 

If your driver’s license is suspended, we will check with the DOT to see what is holding your license. If you owe any civil penalties, you may have to make payments to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

All unpaid/delinquent fines must be at least thirty-one (31) days past due and over $300 to qualify for a CAPP (license reinstatement) payment plan.

The County Attorney’s Office does not accept cash payments. Cash payments must be made in person at the Clerk of Court’s Office.  When making your payment, please advise the Clerk that you are making a payment on a County Attorney Payment Plan.  Also, to make certain a payment made by check or money order is credited toward your plan, you must include a case number on the memo line. Failing to do so can cause your payment to be credited to another county making your pay plan appear delinquent.

To participate in a County Attorney Payment Plan (CAPP), you may submit an online application or applications may be mailed to ATTN: Deb, Benton County Attorney Collections, 111 East 4th St, Vinton, IA 52349

You will not be eligible for the license reinstatement program if any of the following criteria apply:

  • If your license is suspended for non-payment of child support
  • If your license is suspended for out-of-state tickets
  • If you have failed to complete a substance abuse evaluation (if required by the DOT)
  • If you have failed to obtain an Ignition Interlock device (if required by the DOT)
  • If you have failed to complete the Drinking and Driving Class (if required by the DOT)

About fourteen days after you sign the plan(s) and it is approved, you should be able to get your driver’s license. Upon approval, you would be eligible to renew your vehicle registration with a letter from our office.

You will make all of your payments to the Clerk of Court (in person or online) unless you are in a wage assignment or have chosen to authorize our office to use your credit/debit card for payments.

Your down payment is 10% of the amount owed that is suspending you plus your 1st month's payment. If you are not an Iowa Resident the suspension of your license will not be lifted until the fine is paid in full.

If you have any DOT Civil penalties due to a charge of (1) operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or (2) failing to obtain/maintain financial liability coverage (auto insurance), you may need to pay that civil penalty directly to the DOT.

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