We are now open for walk-ins in all offices; Drivers license and Passports(located in Recorders Office) still appointment only. 

To schedule drivers license appointments online please go here

Tue, Oct 26, 2021
Benton County Iowa

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Dawn Markland, Communications Supervisor

[email protected]

Russell Denison, Corrections Supervisor

[email protected]


Kyla Buttikofer, Communications Specialist
Mark Tharp, Communications Specialist
Kelly Roy, Communications Specialist
Michele Stainbrook, Communications Specialist

Tricia LaGrange, Communications Specialist

Sydney Davis, Communications Specialist

Lydia Close, Communications Specialist

Hanna Hoffa, Communications Specialist, part time

Casey Hazen, Communications Specialist, part time

Matthew Vogeler, Communications Specialist, part time

Sherry Sakshaug, Communications Specialist, part time

Jamie Davidson, Communications Specialist

Leha Larsen, Communications Specialist, part time


Amy Benson, Corrections Officer
Dennis Eden, Corrections Officer

Keith Mell, Corrections Officer

Darien Smothers, Corrections Officer

Brandan Geiger, Corrections Officer, part time

Jerry Bascom, Corrections Officer, part time

Heather Baker, Corrections Officer, part time

Brandi Tickle, Corrections Officer, part time

Hayley Pringle, Corrections Officer, part time


Patricia Lint, Food Service, part time

Cathy Clouse, Food Service, full time

Karen Uthoff, Office Manager

Bonnie Ehlinger, Office Administrator
Dorothy Wild, Office Secretary

Brian Reeves, Chaplain