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Motor Vehicles


**No Titles Transfers after 4:00pm**

The following topics are covered in this section:


Monday - Friday
8:00am-4:00pm  Motor Vehicle Title Transfers

8:00am-4:30pm Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals


BILL OF SALE will be REQUIRED for all title transfers in Benton County starting on January 1, 2020.

Effective January 1, 2020, the Benton County Treasurer's Office will require customers to provide a bill of sale when transferring titles to motor vehicles between private parties.  A bill of sale or purchase agreement is already required from a dealership.  

The Iowa State County Treasurer's Association (ISCTA) in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR) aims to substantiate vehicle purchase prices, which have a direct impact on the fees that are remitted to the State's Road Use Tax Fund. 

Many counties already require a bill of sale between private parties and are allowed to do so pursuant to section 321.13 of the Iowa Code.  Benton County will join other counties and require a bill of sale effective January 1, 2020.  The Bill of Sale should include the seller's name, make, year & VIN of the vehicle along with the buyer's name, date of sale, purchase price and seller's signature

Motor Vehicle Renewals

  • Motor vehicle registration is due annually.  Your registration month can be changed once through the life of ownership (i.e. vehicles cannot be renewed six months at a time).
  • Courtesy registration renewal notices go out the month before registration is due. 
  • There is a three-month window to renew; payments can be made the month before, the month of or the month after your registration is due without being penalized if driving in Iowa.
  • The following vehicles NOT allowed to renew online include:
    • IRP (prorate),
    • Firefighter vehicles due to the annual certification,  
    • Personalized plates that have been expired for more than 30 days, 
    • Customers with outstanding debts.

Renew your vehicle tags online www.iowatreasurers.org with an e-Check for .25 cents (less than a postage stamp) or a  debit/credit card for 2.25% of the total due.

If renewing online, you must have your PIN. Your PIN is located on your renewal notice. If you do not have this renewal notice, please call or email our office. NOTE: This pin is specific to you and should not change, therefore the same PIN can be used annually.

** If you are having someone come into the office to renew your registration(s) please send them with your renewal reminder or complete a Written Consent for Release to allow us to release the registrations to that person.  Thank you ***

Payment Methods

  • In-office with cash, check, or card (cards accepted for an additional fee), 
    • Accepted credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover
  • Mail (if at the end of the month, mail must be postmarked to not incur penalties)
  • Online through iowatreasurers.org

Checks should be made out to Benton County Treasurer

Pay Online with PIN

You may email any questions to [email protected].

Motor Vehicle Title Transfers

BILL OF SALE will be REQUIRED for all title transfers in Benton County starting on January 1, 2020.

  • Autos, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, campers, mobile homes, and trailers greater than 2,001 lbs are titled within the state of Iowa.
  • Trailers less than or equal to 2,000 lbs are issued registration only.
  • New owners have 30 days from the date of purchase to change their title. Penalties start after 30 days.
  • New owners can drive their new vehicle for 30 days from the purchase date without plates on as long as previous owners had current registration. 
    • The owner must carry properly assigned title or bill of sale and proof of insurance if stopped by law enforcement.
  • Odometer required for vehicles 20 years and newer Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Damage Disclosure Statement required for vehicles 7 years and newer


... you may call (319) 472-2450 or email copies of your paperwork (include a phone number) to [email protected]. We will help you complete the necessary paperwork and calculate the amount due for the transfer.

All title transfers require a completed and signed application for a certificate of Iowa title and/or registration (Form 411007).

Please be prepared to answer the following questions for us:

  • What is the purchase price of the vehicle?
    Note: Beginning Jan 1, 2020, a Bill of Sale will be required with every title transfer
  • Is the vehicle 7 years old or newer?
    If yes, you will need to complete an Iowa Damage Disclosure Statement (Form 411108)
  • Is the vehicle a 2011 or newer model?
    If yes, you will need to provide the current odometer in the space provided on the title assignment. 
  • Do you need new license plates?
    If so, in what month do you want your sticker due?  If you are transferring plates from a sold vehicle, please provide the Iowa license plate number.
  • Is there a lienholder?
    If so, please provide the correct name, address, and FEIN of your bank, credit union, or other entity.

Once we calculate the fees by phone or email, you may then mail the completed documents and payment to us at Benton County Treasurer, 111 E 4th St Ste 3, Vinton, IA 52349.

Checks should be made out to Benton County Treasurer.

Selling a Vehicle

Upon selling your vehicle to a private individual, you should:

  • Sign on the signature of seller line on first assignment on the back of the title, 
  • Enter the Date of Sale,
  • Print on the printed name of seller line back of the title,
  • Make sure the buyer completes the top line of the assignment with their legal name and address, 
  • Complete a bill of sale including both parties' names, date of sale and purchase price.  Both parties should keep a copy for their records.  Most counties now require this to complete a transfer.  
  • Complete the odometer reading (required for vehicles 20 years and newer),
  • Complete the damage disclosure statement (only required for vehicles 9 years and newer),
  • ALWAYS Take the license plates off the vehicle and return them to our office.
    • This is how we can apply for a refund for any unused registration for $10 or more.
    • Even if there is no refund, this is the only way we can get those license plates out of your name.
    • If the new owner(s) drives away with your license plates on the vehicle, there could be a liability for an accident, ticket or other occurrences they might be involved in.   
    • By signing the title and obtaining a bill of sale to the new owner(s), the buyer is able to drive the vehicle within the state of Iowa for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

Replacement Title

Download Form 411033 from the Iowa DOT website.

There is a 5-day waiting period if the original title is lost. (If the original has been altered  or spoiled in some way, please submit the original title to us with Form 411033 and we will process a replacement title in the same day.)

Anybody whose name is on the face of the title MUST sign the replacement application. 

The replacement title must be ordered in the county where the original title was processed.

The fee is $25.00.

New to Iowa?

 To register your vehicle in Iowa, you will need:

  • Your out-of-state title, or a copy of your title, or your out-of-state registration and
  • Completed and signed application for certificate of Iowa title and/or registration (Form 411007) by all owners. 

Iowa law requires you to register your motor vehicle within the county that you reside within 30 days of the date you establish residency. Iowa registration is required even though you still have valid license plates in another state. You would contact your previous state for the best way to dispose of their license plates.  

If you are providing an out-of-state registration or a copy of your out-of-state title, you will be required to obtain an Iowa title if /when you sell the vehicle in Iowa. If your title is at a lienholder, you may contact them to notify them of your change of residency and request the title be mailed to us for updating. You can always wait until the vehicle is paid in full and bring the title in at that time. 

Fees are as follows:

  • Iowa Title Fee = $25.00
  • Iowa Lien Fee = $10.00
  • Iowa Registration = Variable.  
    In Iowa, vehicle rates are based on make, model, year, weight and list price. However, vehicles that are 12 years or older are a flat rate of $50/year. You may call or email our office with the VIN of your vehicle to verify the annual fee. 

Is this a leased vehicle? If your vehicle is a leased vehicle, the lessee will need to complete the application for a certificate of title and/or registration for a leased vehicle (Iowa DOT Form 411179) to receive plates and registration.

Dealer Licenses & Information

If you’re interested in becoming a licensed motor vehicle dealer within the state of Iowa, please find more information directly from the Iowa DOT on their website or you can receive more information by contacting motor vehicle enforcement at (866) 908-4636 or by email at [email protected].

Dealer Complaints

Complaint forms from the Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection are used for resolving situations such as:

  • Not receiving or delivering title in the allotted time
  • False odometer statements
  • Complaints concerning licensed dealers or license violations
  • Complaints involving driver’s license fraud and related identity theft

Further information can be found on the Iowa DOT website.

For more information about motor vehicles, please check out our frequently asked questions section. 

Motor Vehicles FAQ