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Conservation only truly succeeds when the public is "doing conservation-minded actions" for the benefit of all.

More than 200 individuals a year are involved in volunteering for Benton County Conservation.

Volunteers serve in the following areas:   

  • Habitat development
  • Fundraising 
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Invasive species eradication
  • Environmental Education
  • Building (Ex: bird & bat houses)
  • Nature Center interpretation
  • Park maintenance
  • Special events
  • Trails development & maintenance     

The Nature Center's volunteer program is a great way for people to help others and learn more about our living environment. Volunteers meet new people, help nature staff, and expand their own knowledge about the environment.

Persons interested in volunteering in any way may fill out an application, be interviewed, and then receive introductory training.

Volunteer Application

Please return the application to a staff member as soon as possible.


Have you volunteered?
Log your hours here: 

Individual Volunteer Log

Organization Volunteer Log