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SafeSitter Babysitting Certification Course

Benton County Public Health is proud to be a Licensed Provider through Safe Sitter, Inc., a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing individuals with the life and safety skills they need for when they are home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting.

Learn more about Safe Sitter® Essentials offered through Safesitter ClassBenton County Public Health

BCPH provides the Safe Sitter® Essentials program regularly throughout the year at community libraries, and is available upon request for educating after-school programs, youth groups and youth leadership organizations. Students are taught general safety skills (such as being aware of your surroundings & internet safety), childcare skills (diapering, appropriate feeding, putting baby to sleep), first aid skills (dealing wih cuts, scrapes, burns, nosebleeds, vomiting), choking rescue skills (infant & child), CPR skills (infant & child), and business skills. 

Classes are 6.5 hours long including a 1/2 hour period for lunch, and generally held on Saturday mornings. Classes are limited to 8 students at a time, but your child can be placed on a waitlist for the first available slot during the next course. The cost of the class is $30.00, which covers the student's handbook, a drawstring bag, flashlight, package of bandaids, notepad with important information such as Poison Control, and their completion certificate.

To learn about the next available Safe Sitter® Essentials course being offered, please call Benton County Public Health at 319-214-2601, or email [email protected]

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